1. 2. 3... Brief me with photo’s and characterize the person to be portraited. Describe me your special wishes and deadlines for if it is a gift. Feedback & revise on my composition sketch. Receive the unique Artwork..........

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Already in his younger years Gerrit Guldenhemel (Vries 1949) knew that he wanted to be a painter. He grew up in the Drents village of Tynaarlo, in a traditional country society ......

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The word inspiration means to be in spirit. When you’re tuned into your spirit, you are naturally drawn to do whatever feels best...... ......

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ArtLovers! There is no better time than today to celebrate the important people and moments in your life with a unique, handcrafted, personalized portrait gift. Leave the dull straight forward penciled copies! A portrait drawing conveys so much more than a Photo! Check here how my impressionistic approach keeps every portrait drawing lively & never labored. My inspiration follows in a portrait your admiration and affection for the subject. Each of my portraits is unique as the subject.
An original Portrait for You personally. Portrait Illustrations for Your Ads, Webs, Magazines, Newspapers, Bookcovers.   images HOW IT WORKS