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An original Portrait for You personally. There is no better time than today to celebrate the important people and moments in your life with a unique, handcrafted, personalized portrait gift. Leave the dull straight forward penciled copies! My portraits conveys so much more than a Photo! My inspiration follows in the portrait your admiration and affection for the subject. And so each of my portraits is as unique as the subject.

 q1  Brief me with photo’s and characterize the person to be portraited. Describe me your special wishes and deadlines for if it is a gift.

 q2 Feedback & revise on my composition sketch.

q3  Receive the unique Artwork, posted in a carton tube/roll, within 2 weeks. (frames&mats not provided)

Here is what you get!

You will soon find a sketch of the portrait in your mailbox. Please Feedback & revise on this composition sketch and the proposed technique. I work in Charcoal, Pastel, Conté, Watercolour or mix these media on artpaper. Mostly within 20 days you receive the original portrait. Paper size is : 16.5" x 11.7" inches / 420 x 297 mm. Frames and art-papers are not included.

or3On your approval of my sketch, I send you my invoice: 

€ 185 / US$ 215* (1 person pictured, shipment included).
€ 300 / US$ 345* (DoublePortrait 2 persons pictured, shipment included).

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ArtDirectors!!  A person, any human subject well visualized is much easier to remember and impress than mere words spoken or seen. An drawn Guldenhemel Portrait is well remembered in any of your graphical representations. My portraits  can also do wonders on your newssites or blogs. I can serve you with the classic, sophisticated and appropriate portrait illustration for your project or work. My portraits are used as artwork/illustrations for several newspapers and magazines already. They convey - connected with typesetting - much more than any photograph! I have been working in this field for over 30 years. My experience as an illustrator/designer includes technical illustrations, mailers and technical guides. My portraits combined with your or my typesetting increase the attention value for all your publishing&advertising. Posters and bookcovers, brochures & logos and specially webdesigns. 

 q1 Brief me with photo’s, text and your template. Describe me your project, and translate your vision into a short guideline.

q2  Feedback & revise on my sketch and proposal.

q3  Download the professional HD-file including full copyright. Normally within 7days, but even possible within 48 hours

Here is what you get!

You will soon find a sketch of the portrait, implemented in your template/grid in your mailbox. Please Feedback & revise on this compositions. After that I complete the artwork and send it to you for a final approval. You can then download the formatted HD file in 300 x 300 dpi in a prepress PDF, including all publishing&copyrights 

or3After you approved my sketching, I will send you my invoice: 

€ 185 / US$ 215* (1 person pictured)
€ 300 / US$ 345* (DoublePortrait 2 persons pictured)

 Upload your photo's and start your artwork/illustration here




Don’t pay any money in advance! On Your approval of my sketching, I will send you an invoice for..............:

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About Your Photos
In principle: If I can clearly see the details of your uploaded photo, I am able drawing portraits out of any photo you send me. Still, from my experience, I recommend that you pay attention to the following.........

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CONTACT Guldenhemel
You have any questions? You want further details about a portrait-commission or publicationrights? Feel free to use this form or mail Guldenhemel directly on

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Already in his younger years Gerrit Guldenhemel (Vries 1949) knew that he wanted to be a painter. He grew up in the Drents village of Tynaarlo, in a traditional country society where there was no affinity with art. However,.........

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