Are Your Photos suitable?

A PORTRAIT FROM A PHOTO? Painting an intriguing portrait of a person-you-don’t-know is hard anyway. Here you find me painting a person from a photo – especially a photo I have not taken myself – more then hundred times. I had only what the photo gives me: tiny pixels of colour, often with areas that are out of focus or poorly lit. I could only imagine what the person looks like from another angle; hear their laughter or voice.  I was only given a snatched glimpse of the world at one precise moment: a digital representation, composed by another. It is easy, in sutch a situation, to become nothing more than a glorified photocopier: producing art that is superficial and only surface deep. Here - I hope - my expierience, my impressionistic approach, pencils and crayons help me out

In principle: If I can clearly see the details of your uploaded photo, I am able drawing portraits out of any photo you send me.
Still, from my experience, I recommend that you pay attention to the following:
Send photos that flatter the photographed person. Spontaneous smiling and laughing is an advantage, however it is not necessary. The Artist will give all the portraits serene sparkles by his Impressionism. Starting point is Your ‘wished imago/identity’. If you yourself don’t like the way the subject person looks in the photo, if you think for example the lips are to small and this doesn’t look real: please try to pick another photo. Don’t expect me to make the person look much better than he or she looks in the photo, on a whim. Send if possible more photos and place your remarks in the order form. I will try to adapt to your ‘wished imago’. It is no problem for me, I evem like it to enlarge or shorten or do filling- and lifting-ups and hustle with ‘ManRay’ compositions.

However try to send me photos with the highest resolution. If your photo is less than 500 KB size, its resolution is too low and I may have difficulties in making a good portrait from this photo which doesn’t clearly show details. You can upload a total of 10 MB and eventually more by uploading a second or third orderform. You can upload bigger files with to my emailaddress: if you wish.

Pay NO attention to the background of your photos. I indulge this surroundings in his works.

!!!Never send me photographs by postmail. Scan your precious old -on paper- photographs into digital pictures first.

What if Your photos are damaged or not of high quality?

Please upload the photo’s with your remarks for my free - no-strings-attached - consultation. I will let you know if they are suitable.


What file format should my photo be?

The preferred file types for receiving your photos are .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, or .tiff. Again I suggest sending the highest resolution and quality photo available, no matter how big the file is. 

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1.2.3. Brief me with photo’s and characterize the person to be portraited. Describe me your special wishes and deadlines for if it is a gift. Feedback & revise on my composition sketch......

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